13.10.2008 - 18.10.2008The first visit of students from our school in the partner-school in Limbaži (Latvia)
12.07.2008Handing over of school reports
10.04.2008Beginning of the partnership with a school in Limbaži (Latvia)
14.04.2006Beginning of the partnership with a local school in Sassenberg
17.12.200417.12.2004Handing over of the school`s symbol by the artist Olaf Thaler
01.09.2004 - 30.06.2005Partly obligatory full-time day school
01.09.2004 - 30.06.2007Participation in a state project as a School for more Independence
30.04.2004Title European School
01.03.2003 - 30.06.2004Extension and modernisation of the Grammar School
18.06.2002Visit of the Prime Minister Harald Ringsdorf and the Polish Marshall of the Voivodeship West Pomerania Prof. Meyer
10.04.2001Polish as the first foreign language is available for Pupils from the 5th class upwards
01.11.2000Start of the school newspaper project Spoko
06.10.2000 - 08.10.2000Presentation of our school at the EXPO at Hannover
01.08.1999 - 30.06.2000Comenius project DPG Löcknitz - Gävle (Sweden) - Soest (Netherlands) - Police (Poland)
10.07.1999Handing over the first German-Polish school reports to our students
01.04.1998Visit of our head of state Roman Herzog
10.08.1995Naming of our school DPG Löcknitz
01.08.1991Founding of grammar school Löcknitz