School`s philosophy

What is so special about our school

As the name of our school already says, we are a German-Polish Grammar School. This isn`t just a name  because we are so close to the German-Polish border, but much more about the fact that German and Polish pupils attend this school together.

This  is just what creates the difference of our school`s philosophy and  therefore makes it so special.

The daily common learning and living in our school leads to a cultural exchange in a modern way. We learn from each other and not as usual about something or someone. Our grammar school shows that two nations, whose common history was rather sad and terrible, can still live together amiably in peace. As the old wisdom says we should learn from history instead of forgetting.

Mutual understanding, tolerance and acceptance also belong to the values which are taken for granted. We experience them every day and  we are characterized by them.

Together with a high educational standard, which is transmitted  at our school, we contribute remarkably to the development of our border region.