Mediator group

The mediator group has been founded in 2000 and was supported by a national charity called “Volkssolidarität” represented by Mrs. Lüders. Thanks to the qualification of one member of the school staff, Mrs. Glode, the students have been enabled to qualify themselves and to become independent. Just now this group consists of 20 students from classes 9-12.



  1. Course training for students ,aged 15 to 18, who are interested in non- obligatory lessons
  2. Mediator camp in order to form a group and to motivate the students to work for their  school.
  3. Students become active,if required, with voluntarily working pupils,aged 14 to 15.



  • seemingly unsolvable arguments between classes
  • conflicts inside classes
  • different positions/ attitudes in a course
  • communication problems between students and teachers after involving the head teacher in this problem

There`s a condition: both sides must have the will to solve the problem!!!

The mediators are a group of students, who want to participate in keeping the school atmosphere well.They are quite convinced of the fact, that it`s possible to solve conflicts none violently. Thea`ve learnt how to find compromises, which would satisfy both sides of the”warring factions”. At the same time they are neutral and reliable.

Slogan: With your help we`d like to create a good atmosphere at school.