Limbaži (Latvia)

Partnership with the 3rd School in Limbaži

Our school has had a scool partnership with the 3rd School in Limbaži, a small town about 80 km away from the capital city – Riga. This town has got appr. 8700 inhabitants and places which are worth watching are the theatre, the museum of town of Limbaži, a Katholic, Protestant and Russian Orthodox church.

The town was set around the Order`s castle, which was built in 1223. It received many local rights, enjoyed a privilege very early and became a member of the Hanse. That`s why Anklam , a former member of that association, is the twin town of Limbaži in Germany. Our first meeting took place during the annual Hanse Days.
The principal Agris Zakulis and the German teacher Mara Lapina agreed immediately after a first conversation that such a partnership would bring profits for both sides. So I went to Limbazi together with my husband in February 2008. There we visited the local school, took part in German lessons and decided to keep in contact regularily.

Kerstin Hauk